5 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Shreya Ghoshal

They say vocalists have an erratic identity. That makes us think what might the individual behind the sweet voice resemble? We were completely stunned to take in these things about Shreya Ghoshal. We wager you’ll be too.

1. Once a candidate later a judge

Once a candidate in the TV reality appear ‘Voice of India – Chhote Ustad’ she later turned into a judge of this reality appear.

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2. She is a Pisces

Yes, now all you Pisces ladies out there can gloat about her. Her profound and enthusiastic voice genuinely mirrors all the Pisces attributes.

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3. She was a science understudy

She had selected in Atomic Energy Junior College with Science before her musical destiny drew closer. She was constantly brilliant in studies and later finished her instruction from SIES College in Sion, Mumbai.

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4. Her mom was her first Guru

She was taught by the Kalyanji Bhai at a later stage, however before that when she was just 4, she had begun figuring out how to sing Bengali melodies from her mom. Her first stage execution was at the club’s yearly capacity.

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5. Her most loved number is 3

In a late Interview with a news channel, she admitted that her most loved number was number 3.

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