Did Vikas Gupta Kiss Akash Dadlani??

With all the confusion in the Bigg Boss house, the new bits of gossip outside is that Vikas Gupta may be tossed out of the house. These bits of gossip are energizing up because of the most recent promo. It was about how Mr.Dadlani kid was annoying and bothering Vikas, and that is the point at which he lost his chill and drove Akash off.

Last time it was Priyank Sharma who had fallen into a similar issue, however had returned through special case passage. Presently in the twelfth week, there is no alternative of special case and we as a whole are trusting that Bigg Boss would take the correct choice with Vikas. On the off chance that he is tossed out for this, he would lament all his life time and feel despicable.

Vikas Gupta had a harsh diversion and has been experiencing different feelings. Taking a gander at this promo, it appears it’s one of his breakout. He was baffled and candidly separated and needed to remain in peace. This seems as though he has made his own particular manner for this.

Take a gander at the beneath video :


We feel frustrated about Vikas, however I think in the event that he has marked for it he ought to be sufficiently lively.

Also, Mr.Dadlani, we wish you a rapid recuperation amigo.

Source :-  Instagram