These Out-of-the-World Photos Of Mother-Daughter Yoga Practice Can Make Your Day


A little girl is only a young lady who grows up to be your closest companion,” goes a maxim.

The bond between a mother and her little girl is divine. There are no correlations with the affinity that is shared between the two. Here and there it is unadulterated love, in some cases there are battles, some of the time there is an aggravation. Yet, it is a relationship that is overwhelmed by adoration.

For a little girl, a mother is a good example, her first companion, her first love. She is the person who shapes the inner voice and interests of her little girl. It is her propensities that the little girl learns and assimilates.

Today, we will inform you concerning Instagram yoga expert, Laura Kasperzak, who has posted cute AF pictures with her girl, Mini. Them two are seen giving momentous postures. She took in yoga from Victoria Arvizu and has moved on from the Yoga in the World 200hr YTT program in 2013.

Laura isn’t somebody who was implied for an office work. She picked an alternate way for herself and is offering back to the world the enthusiasm for yoga and love for nature.

See their lovely pictures, here.

An incredible sight!

The most excellent picture I saw today. Impeccable handstand candle.

Idealize arabesques!

In adoration with their position.

Laura has the vision to give a stunning yoga encounter, in an upbeat fun loving condition.

So indistinguishable, they are!

Now that is called adjust.

Restricting hold.

Together, they shake…

Those synchronized moves are incredible.

Gosh! Can’t take my eyes off this one.

Arabesque is their most loved stance.

The spotless stances, motivating me to begin rehearsing ASAP.

In July 2017, Laura turned into an official VIP Ambassador for Alo Yoga.

The team is giving us major #MotherDaughterGoals!

Perfect, perfect are a tone-down for them!


Stunning! She is an encapsulation of elegance.

Style represented!

Laura and Mini, your artfulness, your balance…



Heart-eyes for this one.

I would prefer not to look down!

Scaffolds, made the most ideal way.

Their coordinating outfits are indicate stealers.

This is simply soo CUUUTE!

A cheerful mother and little girl combine.

This is something outlandish!

I can’t trust my eyes.

Quintessentials of balance, control and elegance.

This has been a lot of inspo for me to begin performing yoga. It is without a doubt a treatment for the body and the spirit, as well.

Visit Laura’s Instagram profile, click here.